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Date: Sun, 29 Jan 2012 12:19:46 -0500
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All,    (01)

I'm following the discussions in background.  We have an initiative at Kent 
that will focus on some of the issues you're raising, and I hope help to move 
your agenda forward.  Specifically, we're launching an Institute for Knowledge 
Sciences whose purpose will be to bring together business, technology vendors, 
academia and the labor force to identify and tackle a wide range of challenges 
related to the future knowledge society and knowledge economy.  Obviously 
semantic technologies and knowledge organization structures are core.  The 
critical success factor - we think - is creating an on-going dialog among four 
stakeholders - business, technology vendors, academia and labor.      (02)

Business is a key driver, but this new world looks pretty unstable to them 
right now.  From a business perspective the problems are very large investments 
and the high risk associated with adoption, opportunity costs of not doing 
something else that looks much more relevant, the fact that almost every 
implementation is one-off, and the fact that it is very difficult to find 
educated/trained staff to hire to support such operations.  Vendors 
disappear/fail at a fairly high rate - so it doesn't look to business like this 
is a stable market.  And, without a good market, vendors take a huge risk to 
develop and promote new products.  There are few academic programs to train, 
education and learn.  And, from our perspective, much of the research is 
theoretical with a low uptake rate.  Many of the courses are either upper 
division or grad level which further reduces the potential labor force.  And, 
the curricula are not sufficiently well built out to address the full life 
cycle or operationalization of semantic technologies.  And, these aren't even 
on the radar of most labor force training concerns.      (03)

We're planning to first hold an open symposium on the issues in the Fall in 
Washington.  The purpose of the symposium will be to foster a discussion among 
four stakeholder groups - business, vendors, academics and labor.  We will be 
asking their advice on how to structure, govern and operate the institute so 
that it benefits all four and helps us to move a bit faster to the semantic 
future.   I will share more about this - if you're interested - throughout the 
spring.      (04)

We hope you will all join in the discussion as this community clearly 
represents the top academics and vendors.      (05)

Best regards,
Denise     (06)

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