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[ontology-summit] FW: Track 1&2 Joint Mission and Session Abstracts

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Date: Wed, 25 Jan 2012 15:31:32 +0000
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All,     (01)

Matthew West and Henson Graves came up with their joint Track 1&2 Mission 
Statement, along with Session Abstracts. We discussed this a bit, and would 
like the entire Ontology Summit 2012 community to see this, and comment.     (02)

We think this merger of the two Tracks is useful.     (03)

Leo and Nicola    (04)

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To: 'Peter Yim'; 'Henson Graves'; 'Nicola Guarino'; Obrst, Leo J.
Subject: Track 1&2 Joint Mission and Session Abstracts    (05)

Dear all,    (06)

Peter just put me on the hook to come up with an overall mission statement
for Tracks 1&2, which it looks like we are going to merge (as long as Henson
is happy with that), and also an abstract for the first two sessions. Here
goes:    (07)

Track 1&2: Ontology for Big Systems & Systems Engineering    (08)

We aim to bring key challenges to light with large-scale systems and systems
of systems for ontology and identify where solutions exist, where the
problems require significant research, and where we can work towards
solutions as part of this summit. The areas to be considered include:
 - working with and integrating the results of models using multiple
modeling languages 
 - the systems lifecycle and the issues of sharing data within and between
lifecycle stages
 - the difference between requirements and the delivered system
 - systems of systems vs systems, 
 - the nature of system components and the difference between these and the
parts installed, 
 - the connections between system components and what they carry,
 - systems behaviour,
 - federated systems both as a bit system, and as a solution to some of the
 - principles of how to construct good quality reusable models (ontologies) 
 - the management of ontologies of and for large systems and the challenges
in developing and maintaining them.     (09)

session-03: Ontology for Big Systems & Systems Engineering - I: The Systems
and Systems Engineering Problem Space    (010)

In this session we want to look at the problems in big systems and systems
engineering where ontology has a role to play. The aim is to uncover the
various areas where challenges exist that the world of ontology can
contribute to.    (011)

session-04: Ontology for Big Systems & Systems Engineering - II: a response
to the problem space and setting out the working program for this Summit
Track    (012)

In this session we will consider the output of the first session, and try to
 - where there are solutions already available, if you know where to look,
 - where the problems require significant research,
 - where there is an opportunity to make useful progress within the
timescale of the ontology summit.    (013)

Regards    (014)

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