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[ontology-summit] The proposed "Ontology Chemistry Grand Challenge" and

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From: "Christopher Spottiswoode" <cms@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 8 Dec 2011 16:18:01 +0200
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Steve, Peter, all,    (01)

It has been turning out too hard for me to compress such a large set of 
issues into right-size pills at this stage.    (02)

So, being practical (as you may be surprised to hear me insist), I've 
concluded that I should probably decouple this Challenge from the coming 
Summit.  So I will do just that, unless the most unlikely occurs and 
some eager collaborator and product champion emerges very soon.    (03)

I shall however be continuing to work along present lines, namely on the 
present wiki page at 
http://ontolog.cim3.net/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?ChristopherSpottiswoode/OntologyChemistry_WorkingDraft,    (04)

Peter and his cim3 colleagues hopefully remaining as admirably 
supportive as they have always been.  There is new material there 
already, with much more to come quite soon.  I would especially welcome 
your contributions of any kind to it too.    (05)

So this is merely a minor tactical retreat.  All the "confidently 
foreseeable outcomes" remain, and their technical underpinnings will be 
ever more in evidence on that wiki page.    (06)

It is also not impossible that I once again resume my coding of Metaset 
as a seed AOS.  Even a partially demonstrable proof-of-concept would 
clearly make my selling task so much easier.  I must also admit 
gratefully that facing my own present expository challenge has helped 
clarify certain technical points in my mind.  So I could well make 
better progress now with that coding.    (07)

But there is a big difference between a proof-of-concept and a budding 
new ecosystem.  So the Challenge would remain too.  And - who knows? - 
it might be taken up soon, quietly, on the strength of the public 
picture as I fill it in further.  So there could be a short-circuiting 
of an official Challenge launch.  I would be very happy with that too, 
and would gladly work with anyone who sought to grab the early-mover 
advantages in this "Ride The Mainstream!" project.  As I've often 
publicly insisted, my objective is not to assert any IP in any project 
details.  It is to be able to use the project deliverables, help others 
do so too, and of course benefit in due course from the economic and 
social consequences of their surely impending widespread use.    (08)

Meanwhile, best wishes for OntologySummit2012!    (09)

Christopher     (010)

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