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From: Peter Yim <peter.yim@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 4 Jun 2009 18:45:44 -0700
Message-id: <af8f58ac0906041845v7079b5e0i39df696826eab072@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Hi Everyone,    (01)

A huge thank you to all who responded, both on this thread, as well as
off-list. Looks like we've got a huge momentum behind this.    (02)

Quite unfortunately, the Jun-11 is still not working out for a few of
the folks, which drives us to reschedule the date one more (and
hopefully the last) time for this session (and it can't even be on our
regular Thursday event slot either, because there is a conflict there
as well.)    (03)

We are now scheduling this virtual session to be a 2.0~2.5-Hour panel
discussion on Monday 15-Jun-2009 starting at: 10:30am PDT / 1:30pm EDT
/ 7:30pm CEST / 17:30 UTC    (04)

If you plan to do a brief presentation (this will be 5~10 minutes,
depending on the final numbers) prior to our opening up the discussion
to everyone, please send Steve and I (Steve Ray <steve@xxxxxxxxxxx>
and Peter Yim <peter.yim@xxxxxxxx>) the title and abstract of your
presentation if you still haven't had a chance to send it over yet.    (05)

I'll be providing more details on the session next week, but please
mark you calendars first, now!    (06)

Additional thoughts, suggestions, ideas ... welcome!    (07)

Regards.  =ppy
--    (08)

2009/5/28 Peter Yim <peter.yim@xxxxxxxx>:
> Folks,
> We are now two weeks from Thu 2009.06.11 ... and time to take inventory again.
> I am writing to ping everyone, one more time, to find out:
> 1. who is interesting to participate in getting the said Units of
> Measure ontology effort going.
> 2. who is willing to provide some level of leadership to get this
> effort off the ground.
> 3. who would be joining us if we do run a virtual panel session on
> this on Thu 2009.06.11
> 4. if you are joining, and would like to be a panelist, please provide
> a title and an abstract of what you might share with in in a 10~15
> minute brief.
> 5. besides PatCassidy, who else has (access to) a UoM related
> ontology, that he/she can upload to the OOR sandbox and some other
> publicly accessible ontology repository? (if the latter, please advise
> where the repository is.)
> Let's wait till end-of-day Tuesday June-2 for everyone's response.
> Depending on the responses, we'll decide how to move forward with
> this.
> Do respond NOW (to this thread), please, if you can!
> Thanks & regards.  =ppy
> --    (09)

> 2009/5/19 Olken, Frank <folken@xxxxxxx>:
>> Peter,
>> I am still interested, but still busy running NSF review panels.
>> June 10-11, 2009 is (I hope) my last panel of the fiscal year.
>>         Frank Olken
>> National Science Foundation
>> Computer and Information Science and Engineering Directorate
>> Intelligent Information Systems Division
>> Information Integration and Informatics Program
>> Suite 1125
>> 4201 Wilson Blvd.
>> Arlington, VA 22230
>> Tel:      703-292-8930 (main)
>> Tel:      703-292-7350 (direct)
>> Email:    folken@xxxxxxx
>> Twitter:  http://twitter.com/frankolken    (010)

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>> From: peter.yim@xxxxxxxxx [mailto:peter.yim@xxxxxxxxx] On Behalf Of Peter Yim
>> Sent: Tuesday, May 19, 2009 3:23 PM
>> To: Ontology Summit 2009; Forest Lin; Patrick Cassidy; Duane Nickull; Conrad 
>Bock; Rob Raskin; Olken, Frank; Gunther Schadow; Chute, Christopher G., M.D., 
>Dr. P.H.; David Price; Peter Benson; Elisa Kendall; Edward Barkmeyer
>> Cc: Steve Ray; Peter Yim
>> Subject: Re: 回复: [ontology-summit] Progressing a Units Ontology - virtual 
>> All,
>> Since only 3 people indicated they could be available to do the
>> session this Thursday (May-21 ... but, luckily, they are also
>> available for Jun-11), I'll assume that's not quite making critical
>> mass. Let's decide to drop this Thursday, and pursue the Thursday
>> Jun-11 date for the session instead. This would give everyone a bit
>> more time to respond and to get prepared. Unless we hear major
>> objections to this date, let's lock that date in, and move on to
>> getting the right people and content prepared.
>> Once again, would you be able to join us for the session on
>> 11-Jun-2009 - 2 Hrs starting Thu 2009.06.11 - 10:30am PDT / 1:30pm EDT
>> / 7:30pm CEST / 6:30pm BST / 17:30 UTC
>> I've added a couple more people (ElisaKendall and EdBarkmeyer) to the
>> initial list. Will everyone please also advise who else should be
>> involved, please indicate. So, unless you've already indicated your
>> availability, please advise if you can join us on Jun-11 [attn: PatC,
>> Duane, Conrad, Rob, Frank, Gunther, Forest, ChrisC, David, PeterB,
>> Elisa, EdB] ... we need your presence and support if we were to embark
>> on an ontology as important as this!
>> Thanks & regards.  =ppy
>> --    (011)

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