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To: "Ontology Summit 2007 Follow-up" <ontology-summit@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
From: "Peter Yim" <peter.yim@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 10 Jul 2007 08:13:23 -0700
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Thank you, Leo. (Good point ... about the list ... see below!)    (01)

To facilitate and to archive this discussion, I have decided to re-use
the [ontology-summit] list (now being labeled as "Ontolog Summit 2007
Follow-up") for our preparation work now.    (02)

Therefore, please make your responses by posting to
<ontology-summit@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> (rather than replying to everyone
on the routing of the first message from now on.)    (03)

Thanks & regards.  =ppy    (04)

P.S. To make sure everyone is in the loop, I'll start another thread
on this list, to ping everyone.  =ppy
--    (05)

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From: Obrst, Leo J. <lobrst@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Jul 10, 2007 7:52 AM
Subject: RE: Preparation for the two Ontolog panels at CEW#63 -
date:17 & 18-Jul-2007 - venue: NSF (Arlington, VA)
To: Peter Yim <peter.yim@xxxxxxxx>, susan.turnbull@xxxxxxx, Steve Ray
<ray@xxxxxxxx>, "Olken, Frank" <folken@xxxxxxx>, Denise Bedford
<dbedford@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>, "Elisa F. Kendall" <ekendall@xxxxxxxxxxxx>,
Ken Baclawski <kenb@xxxxxxxxxxx>, Doug Holmes <dholmes@xxxxxxx>, Josh
Lubell <lubell@xxxxxxxx>, Rachuri Sudarsan
<rachuri.sudarsan@xxxxxxxx>, Rex Brooks <rexb@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, Bob
Smith <Bob@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>    (06)

Peter, I guess you mean this e-mail thread, right, i.e., the folks on
the to: line? Not a separate list?    (07)

Here are a couple of points:    (08)

1) Archiving has most of the same issues as does "live" data:    (09)

   A) How can you find what you are interested in?
   B) How can you deal with media types: current, past, future?
   C) How do you protect past content and yet adhere to then and future
intellectual property and security issues?    (010)

2) Ontologies and other semantic technologies can assist with all of
the issues of (1):    (011)

   A) You can utilize tagging/indexing of data (structured,
unstructured, semi-structured) with respect to given semantic
resources: ontologies,  conceptual models, thesauri, taxonomies, but    (012)

   B) You have to retain references to those resources, their media
types, and the tagging/indexing appropriate then and    (013)

   C) Ways to access those resources now, where now is some
indeterminate time in the future    (014)

   D) Therefore, some way of indexing archives with respect to time is
required; however, this is not the obvious statement it seems. You must
keep track of the versions of the resources, their tagging/indexing methods
(and computer software that can generate and retrieve indexes).    (015)

3) Involved in the issues of (2) and thus (1) are mapping issues:    (016)

   A) The resources of (2) may require other resources they either:    (017)

      1) Import, or    (018)

      2) Map to (align with, utilize, etc.)    (019)

      3) And those resources' media types and software accessors    (020)

   B) How do you create an architecture which can map to resources that
are in the future, and not yet conceived?    (021)

      1) Assume that extensibility issues will be sufficiently dealt
with by the future archivers for all of the past resources, accessors,
etc., or    (022)

        2) Build a general enough architecture today that will permit,
in fact mandate, this?    (023)

   C) All of the above is configuration management and versioning,
except not only applied syntactically, but semantically.    (024)

Leo    (025)

Dr. Leo Obrst       The MITRE Corporation, Information Semantics
lobrst@xxxxxxxxx    Information Discovery & Understanding, Command and
Control Center
Voice: 703-983-6770 7515 Colshire Drive, M/S H305
Fax: 703-983-1379   McLean, VA 22102-7508, USA    (026)

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From: peter.yim@xxxxxxxxx [mailto:peter.yim@xxxxxxxxx] On Behalf Of
Peter Yim
Sent: Monday, July 09, 2007 4:22 PM
To: susan.turnbull@xxxxxxx; Peter Yim; Steve Ray; Obrst, Leo J.; Olken,
Frank; Denise Bedford; Elisa F. Kendall; Ken Baclawski; Doug Holmes;
Josh Lubell; Rachuri Sudarsan; Rex Brooks; Bob Smith
Subject: Preparation for the two Ontolog panels at CEW#63 - date:17 &
18-Jul-2007 - venue: NSF (Arlington, VA)    (027)

All,    (028)

Thanks to all for your positive response support the opportunity for
us to make our case at the upcoming Collaborative Expedition Workshop
(CEW#63) organized by Susan Turnbull that
will take place on 17 & 18-Jul-2007 at NSF (Arlington, VA) .    (029)

Susan program for the two-day workshop (as it has evolved up to this
point) is at:
tyInInformationSharing_2007_07_17    (030)

The plan, as previously mentioned is for Ontolog to put together two
panels and make a
contribution towards:    (031)

(a) using OntologySummit2007 as a case, share the lessons learned in
delivering a collaborative virtual community project like it, and how
that knowledge can be captured and preserved. (7/17 panel)    (032)

(b) try to make a compelling argument on the role of ontologies in
information and records management. (7/18 panel)    (033)

To facilitate our preparation work, we should use this e-mail thread
to exchange and discuss our plans. I have also started a wiki page to
capture our thoughts, inputs and progress.    (034)

The wiki page is at:
Panel    (035)

Everyone is invited to use EITHER or BOTH the e-mail thread and the
wiki page to communicate his/her thoughts (although the e-mail thread
will be the normative "conversation" platform; therefore, after you
have made a significant post onto the wiki, do highlight it to all via
the email thread.)    (036)

I have made my best attempt to capture inputs and status to-date onto
the page already. I will (or anyone else, please) will try to capture
the salient points conclusions from that discussion to the wiki page
so that everyone, as well as the rest of the community, can be posted.    (037)

At the workshop, I envisage having (for each of the two panel
segments):    (038)

   (i) a couple of anchor briefings (with slides) that will frame the
discussion,    (039)

  (ii)  then go around the panel, with the panelists bringing up other
salient points that address the subject (using no, or at the most 1~3
slides), and to collaboratively deliver our message, and then    (040)

  (iii) open up to Q & A and discussion from the floor.    (041)

I have already highlighted 3 anchor briefing pieces under content
) on the page so far. I solicit further suggestions and refinement as
to the following:    (042)

(a) salient points that we want to deliver; and suggestions on who
would address them.    (043)

(b) if you have a compelling briefing that will add value to the
overall message, please make your suggestion along with a title and a
brief abstract.    (044)

After a few rounds of discussion (which we will conclude by end-of-day
this Wednesday 7/11), we will then draw up an agenda, so that everyone
can proceed to get prepared for the panel presentation on their own.
We will also collect the draft or final presentations and talking
points and will share them on our shared-file workspace at:
http://ontolog.cim3.net/file/work/wip/cew-63/  so that everyone can be
on the same page.    (045)

Since we are running a tight schedule (partially my fault), I solicit
your input to the above (a) & (b) ASAP (like now!).    (046)

Thanks and regards.  =ppy
--    (047)

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