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For a front-end to OpenCyc, see the abstract below.  That web page
has a link to the PDF for the full paper.    (01)

The concluding paragraph:
> Ontology interface design is in its infancy.  Ironically (given the
> relative maturity of the two fields) it is more common to try to use
> ontology as a tool in HCI development than to use HCI as a tool in
> ontology development.  We have made gains in shifting a ‘classic’
> ontology interface from expert-user-only to a state such that the
> general public may contribute to it if they wish.  Our results indicate
> that the interface we developed does encourage users to become involved
> in contributing to ontological knowledge.  With increased user uptake,
> the quality of the information contained within the ontology will
> improve,  as well as using user feedback as an evaluation mechanism.    (02)

One of the co-authors, Cathy Legg, had worked at Cyc for some years,
and they have been testing the interface on university students.
So that gives them some perspective from users, teachers, and
developers.    (03)

_______________________________________________________________________    (04)

Source: http://researchcommons.waikato.ac.nz/handle/10289/8410    (05)

Massive ontology interface    (06)

Citation: Stannett, M., Legg, C. & Sarjant, S. (2013). Massive ontology 
interface. Paper presented at CHINZ 2013: 14th Annual Conference of the 
New Zealand Chapter of the ACM Special Interest Group on Computer-Human 
Interaction, 15-16 November 2013 — Christchurch, New Zealand.    (07)

This paper describes the Massive Ontology Interface (MOI), a web portal 
which facilitates interaction with a large ontology (over 200,000 
concepts and 1.6M assertions) that is built automatically using OpenCyc 
as a backbone. The aim of the interface is to simplify interaction with 
the massive amounts of information and guide the user towards 
understanding the ontology’s data. Using either a text or graph-based 
representation, users can discuss and edit the ontology. Social elements 
utilizing gamification techniques are included to encourage users to 
create and collaborate on stored knowledge as part of a web community.    (08)

An evaluation by 30 users comparing MOI with OpenCyc’s original 
interface showed significant improvements in user understanding of the 
ontology, although full testing of the interface’s social elements lies 
in the future.    (09)

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