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Date: Tue, 19 Aug 2014 19:17:52 -0400
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There is an interesting discussion re reasoning about Time and State
with REST interfaces
at this URL:    (01)

http://teddziuba.github.io/2014/08/18/the-s-in-rest/    (02)

as a teaser, the idea is that just because we get a reference to data
in the form of a URL, there is no guarantee that the data referenced
is unchanging.  The example the article talks about is a product being
sold, and the URL returns the current price.  But accounting systems
(especially when money has been spent) don't want to know the current
price, they want to know the price at the time the product was
purchased. And the tax at that time, etc.    (03)

So reasoning about information that is changing with time requires a
way to tie the information to a particular time.  Which requires a lot
of internal information to be externalized so the consumer of the web
service can use the information in the way it needs to be used.    (04)

What does the group think?    (05)

David Whitten
713-870-3834    (06)

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