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[ontolog-forum] Intentionality Best Practices

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From: John Bottoms <john@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 22 May 2014 09:40:28 -0400
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Ali, Rob, et al,    (01)

I have come across some views that intentionality is difficult or 
impossible to implement.
There appear to be a number of candidate reasons including lack of 
consensus, issues with dualism, ambiguity of language or implementation 
using FOL.    (02)

So, the question is: Are there any examples or guidelines for 
implementing, or best practices for intentionality?
Else, are we reduced to using a human as the per-processor for current 
implementations?    (03)

(This topic was touched on in the thread "Can Syntax become Semantic ?" 
but that was not the focus of the discussion.)    (04)

-John Bottoms
  Concord, MA USA    (05)

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