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Date: Sat, 3 May 2014 12:14:13 -0400
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Just a point about  multiple senses in the Longman:    (01)

[PC]:  >
 >> several dictionaries use a "defining vocabulary" as the list of words
 >> to define all the other words in the dictionary...
 >> "Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English" ... has about
 >> 2150 words...  Some of the words are used in more than one sense.
[JS} > >
>*All* of those so-called defining words are used in many more than one
 >sense.    (02)

Actually, in Guo's thesis he investigated the actual number of senses used.  
Though it is true that the defining vocabulary words have more than a few 
senses each, on average;  according to Guo, the number of senses used **in the 
definitions** average to less than 2.       (03)

I haven't seen any follow-up that provides a different number.  If anyone knows 
of such a study, I would very much like to get a pointer.    (04)

Pat    (05)

Patrick Cassidy
1-908-561-3416    (06)

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