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[ontolog-forum] view:thing was physical context and mental context

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Date: Sun, 20 Apr 2014 17:38:21 -0700
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view:thing is a notation that W3C uses to distinguish
between the meanings of thing in different views.
I use the same notation in mKR.

In my previous emails re physical context and mental context,
I used names like
        physical entity and mental entity
It would have been better to use the names
        physical:entity and mental:entity
But then I would be using "mKR names" instead of "English names".

In my last email re "language context & grammar", I made the mistake
of putting "Class" in my physical context.  I have since removed
"Class" from that context.

"Class" and "grammar" are really "mental:Class" and "mental:grammar".
They are part of the mental world inside the mind of man,
not the physical world outside of the mind of man.
But "Class" and "grammar" are often used to refer to the related
concepts of "physical:Class" and "physical:grammar".

"view:name" is a notation used to refer to a previous definition of name.

I suggest the notation "view::PropositionList" to state the definition of name. 
PropositionList could define more than one name, and could have side effects.
Dick McCullough
Context Knowledge Systems
Name your propositions !

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