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Re: [ontolog-forum] view:thing was physical context and mental context

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From: John F Sowa <sowa@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 20 Apr 2014 21:41:33 -0400
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Dick,    (01)

For the record, I copied below some of your credentials from LinkedIn.
That's a fine record of accomplishment.    (02)

If you want to do anything in ontology or KR, I suggest that you build
on your strengths.  The word 'design' occurs 5 times in the list below.
You also have a few patents.  That's where your strength is.    (03)

But Ayn Rand was an amateur in philosophy, and she did not have any
background in logic.  Compared to your strengths, a foundation based
on her book would range from weak to nonexistent.    (04)

Recommendation:    (05)

  1. If you want to design tools and/or notations that would help
     anyone do anything, design something that you and your colleagues
     at Bell Labs would have actually *wanted* to use in your work.    (06)

  2. You also cite your work in supervising programmers and developers.
     An important issue in any such area is clear specifications and
     planning.    (07)

  3. Therefore, I suggest that you dig out your old notes and reports.
     Instead of writing some "axioms" about AR's theory of consciousness,
     show how your notation could be used in a step-by-step design and
     development methodology for the projects you worked on.    (08)

  4. Many engineers and programmers find graphic notations useful as
     a supplement to linear versions.  UML diagrams are widely used,
     but their linear notation (OCR) is much less readable.    (09)

  5. Since you are working by yourself, you can't do everything.  But
     you might be able to build on existing tools.  Integrate your tools
     and notation with the existing tools and notations.    (010)

  6. As the target audience for your work, keep in mind the people you
     worked with at Bell Labs.  Design the kind of tools that you would
     have wanted to use when you were supervising those projects.    (011)

If you can demonstrate something useful, you might actually find
somebody who would use your tools and build on them.    (012)

John    (013)

 From LinkedIn page for Richard McCullough    (014)

Distinguished Member of Technical Staff
Bell Laboratories
1960  1989 (29 years)New Jersey, Illinois, California    (015)

Designed and implemented amplifier for Telstar satellite
Designed and implemented synchronizer for high speed PCM
Supervised programming support group
Supervised passive sonar algorithm development group
Designed and implemented testing languages for computer switching systems
Designed and implemented a CHILL compiler based on the Portable C compiler
Taught UNIX operating system internals
Designed and implemented Customer Relations database system
Investigated Artificial Intelligence tools    (016)

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