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Date: Sat, 19 Apr 2014 07:47:08 -0700
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The RDF language provides a nice example of how context
and grammar are related (the attached HTML file can be
displayed using the command "mKE --view rdf").

The entire Container-Property-Statement hierarchy
is the context of the RDF language.
The propositions of this hierarchy are relations
between parts of the RDF language.

The grammar of the RDF language is the propositions
which are subclasses of "Statement".  For example

         Container member Resource;

includes all propositions of the form

         subject member object;

where subject is a container and object is a resource.

This CPS hierarchy is a physical context.
It does not include "Class",
which is part of the mental context.

Dick McCullough
Context Knowledge Systems
Name your propositions !

# KEHOME/kb/rdf.view.html Apr/19/2014 # RDF context #============ begin hierarchy CPS; Resource; / Container; // Seq; # list // Bag; # multiset // Alt; # enum / Property; // u:member; // u:type; // u:subClassOf; // u:subPropertyOf; / Statement; // Container member Resource; // u:Resource type Class; // Class subClassOf Class; // Property subPropertyOf Property; // Resource Property u:Resource; u:Resource type Property; end hierarchy CPS; # other contexts (view:Resource) #=============================== rdf:Resource is Resource; rdf:Class is Class; rdf:Property is Property; rdfs:subClassOf is subClassOf; rdfs:subPropertyOf is subPropertyOf; mental:Resource ismem mental:Class; #

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