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Re: [ontolog-forum] fitness of XML for ontology

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Date: Sat, 8 Feb 2014 19:44:32 +0100
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I would say this is not unstructured but little structured. Similar to a table in db with one or two fields containing a text blob.


On Saturday, February 8, 2014, Rich Cooper <rich@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Dear Kingsley,

XML can also represent unstructured text in string format.  For example, the description of a property title's meets and bounds is typically from one hundred to three hundred words of text, as written by the surveyor, and makes up one of the attributes in string form.  The XML parser simply passes it as a string to the software. 



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On 2/8/14 12:32 AM, Paul Tyson wrote:

> "-- It is a data base language for text.

That's the crux of the matter! A database is a document comprised of

structured data. It isn't a database management system i.e., an

application that provides services such as: storage, indexing,

declarative query access etc..

XML is fine as mechanism for marking up structured data in a document.

The utility of this process isn't optimal if the endeavor requires

entity relationships and relation semantics to be discernible and

comprehensible to human authors and readers.


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