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Cyber-infrastructure and Metadata Protocols: CAMP-4-Data Workshop 

(A Dublin Core-Science and Metadata (DC-SAM) Community/Research Data Alliance (RDA) Workshop).

--WHEN/WHERE:  6 September 2013 @ DC-2013 in Lisbon, Portugal, 9:00-18:00

**Registration required; you do not need to be presenting a paper or talk to participate.

==(REGISTRATION - 8:00-9:00)==

*9:00-9:30 - Welcome, workshop goals, logistics; participant introductions/Jane Greenberg/all

*9:30-9:45 - The Metadata Zoo/Rebecca Koskela

*9:45-10:00 - DCC Scheme Directory/Alex Ball 

*10:00-10:15 - A 3-Layer Model for Metadata/Keith Jeffery, Anne Asserson, Nikos Houssos and Brigitte Joerg

*10:15-10:30 - Cross-Domain Metadata Interoperability: Lessons Learnt in INSPIRE
Andrea Perego, Michael Lutz, Max Craglia and Silvia Dalla Costa

*10:30-10:45 - Usage data for metadata properties to support open data registries and semantic wikis/Muriel Foulonneau, Sébastien Martin, Jacques Ducloy, Thierry Daunois and Slim Turki

*10:45-11:00 - Provenance Central: More Mileage from Provenance Metadata/Bertram Ludaescher and Paolo Missier

==(BREAK - 11:00-11:30)==

*11:30-11:45 - Persistent Identifiers for Terms in a Crowd-Sourced Vocabulary/John Kunze, Greg Janee, Christopher Patton

*11:45-12:00 - Separation of Concerns: PID Information Types and Domain Metadata/Tobias Weigel and Timothy Dilauro

*12:00-12:15 - Ontology-Enabled Metadata Schema Generator: The Design Approach/Jian Qin, Xiaozhong Liu and Miao Chen

*12:15-12:30 - Metadictionary: Advocating for a Community-driven Metadata Vocabulary Application/ Jane Greenberg, Angela Murillo, John Kunze, Sarah Callahan, Robert Guralnick, Greg Janee, Nassib Nassar, Christopher Patton, and Karthik Ram

*12:30-12:40 - CLEPSYDRA Data Aggregation and Enrichment Framework/Cezary Mazurek, Marcin Mielnicki, Aleksandra Nowak, Krzysztof Sielski, Maciej Stroinski, Marcin Werla and Jan Wglarz

*12:40-12:50 - RUresearch - Open Source Metadata Application Profile and Research Object Handling for Research Data/Grace Agnew and Mary Beth Weber

*12:50-13:00 - Open discussion, setting the afternoon agenda; Brief remarks about RDA-3rd Plenary/Sandra Collins

==(LUNCH - 13:00-14:30)==


*14:30-14:40 - Overview of discussion topics

*14:40-15:10 - Breakout groups, Session 1: Infrastructure and design, policy, human and social aspects.

*15:10-15:40 - Breakout groups, Session 2 (topic rotation from session 1).

*15:40-16:00 - Report back from breakout groups.

==(BREAK - 16:00-16:30)==

*16:30-16:45 - Delegates propose/vote on 'special' topics.

*16:45-17:15 - Self-selected groups discuss a topic each.

*17:15-17:50 - Report back from each group; discussion of possible action points.

*17:50-18:00 - Closing remarks.


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