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Date: Mon, 20 May 2013 21:18:30 -0400
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On 5/20/2013 8:48 PM, Osorno, Marcos wrote:

Given the various articulated viewpoints on the finer points of ontology design and analysis, I'm curious as to how the group approaches testing, operational validation, and usability testing of ontologies. In software we have unit tests, usability tests, as well as developmental and operational testing of systems. What is the equivalent in knowledge representation? How do we test coverage, usability, etc? How do we develop ontological use cases and how do we validate our ontologies against these tests? I'd be curious to hear opinions from the academic to the operational.
Great question and one that has had my interest for quite a while.
Testing usually centers on two critical elements, 1.) what are the requirements that must be met by the system, and 2.) is the testing to the spec. done by: a.) Inspection, b.) demonstration, or c.) test.

The questions you ask are answered differently depending on these two primary issues. For example, your question about KR is best answered as addressing it as a derived requirement. The design approach addresses the problem and may select one of a number of different types of KR. (A solid reason I prefer to talk about data structures and methods, rather than implementation languages.)

The problem statement starts the design process and shapes the subsequent stages of the process. If you have an idea of the types of problem you have in mind it will aid in the discussion.

-John Bottoms
 FirstStar Systems
 Concord, MA

Thank you,


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