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Re: [ontolog-forum] Architectural considerations in Ontology Development

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Sorry, Duane. I don't have a link. It was a verbal comment made by a Swedish
Defense Ministry person during a meeting on interoperability that I attended
in Stockholm in the 2005 timeframe. I'd be surprised  if this was publicly
acknowledged at the time they were following the policy.    (01)

Hans    (02)

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>This reminds me of the fact that during the Cold War the Swedish 
>military deliberately made their systems non-interoperable with those 
>of other countries (like NATO nations) because they didn't want any 
>invading troops to be able to use any equipment they might capture.
Being of Swedish descent, I was not aware of this.  Is there a link?  I know
the Americans used the Navajo language for cryptographic constructs.
Was not aware of this.    (05)

Duane    (06)

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