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[ontolog-forum] Universal Basic Semantic Structures

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All,    (01)

What's not to like about this excerpt:    (02)

"In its simplest form, this is a structure that is also supported by 
technologies, such as _RDF_ and _OWL_. However, a semantic model 
includes the following semantic extensions that support an improved 
computer interpretation of such sentences and an improved computerized 
verification of semantic correctness:    (03)

* Each kind of relation has a modeled definition. Those semantic 
definitions of the relation type includes the definition of the required 
kinds of roles and the allowed kinds of players of such roles. For 
example, the relation type <is located in> requires a physical object in 
a 'locator' role and another physical object in a 'located' role.    (04)

* Each individual thing is classified by a kind of thing, because the 
meaning of a relation between individual things can only be interpreted 
correctly when each related individual thing is classified, as well as 
the roles they play and the relation they have.    (05)

* The kinds of things are defined by at least a relation with their 
supertype kinds of things, thus forming a taxonomy of concepts (a 
specialization hierarchy, also called a subtype-supertype hierarchy). 
This is necessary for the interpretation of the meaning of the 
classifiers (city, tower, and 'is located in', as well as 'locator' and 
'located').    (06)

This results in a universal basic semantic data structure for the 
expression of facts about individual things."    (07)

Source: http://www.gellish.net/topics/semantic-modelling.html .    (08)

--     (09)

Regards,    (010)

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