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Date: Fri, 29 Jun 2012 19:34:07 +0300
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Lainaus "John F Sowa" <sowa@xxxxxxxxxxx>:    (01)

> I would never write anything like that in my book.  I admit abstract
> things like measures in the ontology, and I introduce triadic relations,
> such as hasMeasure(x, y, kg).  I also define the measure kg by saying
> that one can choose some object whose mass is defined to be 1 kg.
> Then the relation hasMeasure(x, y, kg) can be determined by comparing
> the object x to the object that defines the standard measure of 1 kg
> by using some appropriate mechanism that computes the ratio y to 1.
> This explanation avoids the terms 'universal', 'particular', 'property',
> 'trope', 'property-particular', and 'property-constituent dichotomy'.
> The only place where such terms would occur in my book is in a glossary
> of obsolete terms that one might accidentally bump into.    (02)

I understand that your book concerns ontologies that can be used in  
computer applications in deduction/inference. Then again, properties  
and particulars are needed in ontologies which directly concern the  
measurable reality.    (03)

Avril    (04)

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