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[ontolog-forum] 2nd Deep Knowledge Representation and Reasoning Challeng

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Date: Mon, 23 Apr 2012 22:23:13 -0700
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2nd Deep Knowledge Representation Challenge (DKRC2012)    (01)

Challenge website: https://sites.google.com/site/2nddeepkrchallenge/    (02)

Co-located with QR 2012
Date: July 15, 2012 (submission deadline: June 30th, 2012)
Location: Playa Vista, California, USA
Format: Half-Day Workshop    (03)

We invite you to contribute to the 2nd Deep Knowledge Representation 
Challenge, a forum to discuss difficult problems in representing complex 
knowledge needed to support deep reasoning, argumentation and dialogue 
systems. The goals of the challenge workshops are: (1) to create a 
comprehensive set of knowledge representation challenge problems 
suitable for recurring competition, and (2) to develop knowledge 
representation and reasoning techniques to meet those challenges. This 
year’s challenge focuses on mechanisms underlying cellular respiration 
and fermentation.    (04)

To submit a contribution to the challenge workshop, the participants 
should develop a representation for addressing the challenge problems 
(or parts of it) and use that representation in a problem-solving task 
(typically, handling dialogue relevant aspects such question answering, 
explanation, justification, etc.). The workshop will be a highly 
interactive event with brief presentations of problems and solutions 
followed by group discussion. Participants are free to augment the 
challenge, for example, by including additional mechanisms from other 
domains, or within the spirit of their own projects and experience. 
However, the focus challenge as described in the call should be 
addressed as the primary objective (see website for details).    (05)

Solutions are at least discussed in a paper, but preferably also 
implemented (e.g. as a demo) using existing tools or newly created code 
(see elsewhere in the call for details). Cash prizes will be awarded by 
Allen Institute of Artificial Intelligence for the most creative and 
comprehensive solutions to the challenge!    (06)

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