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[ontolog-forum] job opening for a bio ontologist

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From: Vinay Chaudhri <Vinay.Chaudhri@xxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 03 Apr 2012 17:30:33 -0700
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The AI center at SRI International is looking for a highly creative 
knowledge engineer to join a team of researchers
building evaluation driven knowledge based systems.  We are seeking an 
individual with background in
conceptual/ontological modeling with biology as a specific area of 
application.    (01)

Duties:    (02)

The primary responsibilities will include acquisition and representation 
of knowledge for the domains
of application. This will eventually involve working with a team of 
domain experts, and supervising
and coordinating their knowledge entry activities. The responsibilities 
will also involve making contributions
to technical approaches, designs, applications, implementations, 
documentation, and publications. We
anticipate applying these techniques to a introductory college level 
electronic textbook in biology for
  answering questions.  The position requires excellent communication 
skills, and willingness and
ability to work in a team and to undertake a significant knowledge 
engineering effort.    (03)

Experience:    (04)

Thorough understanding of fundamental knowledge representation 
techniques and their application to
  modeling biology knowledge such as regulation, evolution, science as a 
process, etc. Experience in a large
scale pragmatic knowledge engineering effort.  Exposure to implemented 
knowledge representation systems.
   Experience with common lisp programming.    (05)

Education/Discipline Preferred:    (06)

Ph.D. computer science or equivalent with specialization in knowledge 
representation, cognitive science, or ontological modeling    (07)

Title of Position:    (08)

Computer Scientist    (09)

To apply, please send a resume to Vinay.Chaudhri@xxxxxxx    (010)

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