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On 3/2/2012 11:23 AM, David Eddy wrote:
> When you finish an assignment, how often does the client
> DEMAND/EXPECT/REQUIRE that you produce a glossary/dictionary/list
> of terms & definitions?
> Or maybe I should just ask... has it ever happened?    (01)

Yes, indeed.  That was one of the requirements by a company that knew
what they needed before starting a project to re-engineer their 40+
years of legacy software.  At the end of this note is a slide that
states their requirements.    (02)

The glossary was generated automatically by finding and extracting 
sentences from the documentation that defined the terms.  The two
programmers who ran the software reviewed the glossary and made some
corrections.  But most of the work was done by the computer.    (03)

Many of the terms and their definitions had changed over time.  All
the variations in the terminology and the dates of the definitions
were documented in the glossary with cross references to the programs
and database specifications that were derived from or related to those
terms.    (04)

To jump to Slide 130, type "130" in the window of the Adobe reader.
Slides 131 to 138 describe how the project was completed to the
client's satisfaction.    (05)

______________________________________________________________________    (06)

Source:  Slide 130 of http://www.jfsowa.com/talks/goal.pdf    (07)

Problem for Legacy Re-engineering    (08)

Analyze the software and documentation of a large corporation.    (09)

Programs in daily use, some of which were up to 40 years old.    (010)

● 1.5 million lines of COBOL programs.
● 100 megabytes of English documentation — reports, manuals,
   e-mails, Lotus Notes, HTML, and program comments.    (011)

Goal:    (012)

● Analyze the COBOL programs.
● Analyze the English documentation.
● Compare the two to generate:
   - English glossary of all terms with index to the software,
   - Structure diagrams of the programs, files, and data,
   - List of discrepancies between the programs and documentation.    (013)

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