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Re: [ontolog-forum] How determine the instances of this concept?

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Dear Joel Luis,


How about this.


SF = Sedimentary Facies

R= Rock


Each SF is an R

Each SF is a proper part of some R

Each SF has a boundary

Each boundary that is a boundary of an SF is visible




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Subject: [ontolog-forum] How determine the instances of this concept?


I'm modeling an ontology for the field of geology.


Trying to represent the ontology in first order logic, considering the necessary and sufficient conditions for each concept, I have found some challenges regarding to a specific concept, called Sedimentary Facies.


The current domain definition of Sedimentary facies is as follows:

A Sedimentary facies is a amount of rock in a body of rock, visually distinguishable (through discontinuities of visual properties) of adjacent amounts of rock in the same body of rock.


How can I formalize this concept in FOL?


Apparently, the instances of this concept are determined depending on each other, in a relative way. I'm not sure that I canlogically determine what are the instances of the concept.


Best regards.


Joel Luis Carbonera

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