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[ontolog-forum] How determine the instances of this concept?

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From: joel luis carbonera <joelcarbonera@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 6 Oct 2011 01:55:16 -0300
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I'm modeling an ontology for the field of geology.

Trying to represent the ontology in first order logic, considering the necessary and sufficient conditions for each concept, I have found some challenges regarding to a specific concept, called Sedimentary Facies.

The current domain definition of Sedimentary facies is as follows:
A Sedimentary facies is a amount of rock in a body of rock, visually distinguishable (through discontinuities of visual properties) of adjacent amounts of rock in the same body of rock.

How can I formalize this concept in FOL?

Apparently, the instances of this concept are determined depending on each other, in a relative way. I'm not sure that I canlogically determine what are the instances of the concept.

Best regards.

Joel Luis Carbonera

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