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From: Duane Nickull <dnickull@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 24 May 2011 12:22:21 -0700
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I am working on a large project and I would like to solicit input for a
major architectural decision. The context is an enterprise that must choose
one single knowledge interchange and persistence language to preserve all
their ontological work.  They require tooling (open source preferred) to
support visual modeling and taxonomy development based on the ontological
work.   The industry is military/international intelligence with an eye
towards context driven rule-sets and dynamic decision making based on
computational intelligence agents.  It must be able to cross reference
symbols/terms in multiple languages and map them back to the concept, noting
the nuances between them.    (01)

What I would like is to request (if you have time) is a vote for a single
language from the following candidates or a suggestion of another I may have
missed if they make suitable candidates.  I do not wish for this to turn
into a thread contemplating the merits of each language as my belief is they
all have strengths.  Just a quick response like "KIF - <tools> <links>" etc.    (02)

* Common Logic - and/or its dialects
* CycL  
* DOGMA (Developing Ontology-Grounded Methods and Applications)
* F-Logic (Frame Logic)
* KIF (Knowledge Interchange Format)
* Ontolingua based on KIF
* KM programming language
* LOOM (ontology) 
* OCML (Operational Conceptual Modelling Language)
* OKBC (Open Knowledge Base Connectivity
* PLIB (Parts LIBrary)
* RACER     (03)

Thank you in advance and apologies in advance if this turns into a holy war
;-)    (04)

Duane Nickull
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