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[ontolog-forum] OpenMath Workshop July 20, Bertinoro, Italy: Continuous

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From: Christoph LANGE <ch.lange@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 23 May 2011 23:13:05 +0200
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24th OpenMath Workshop
Bertinoro, Italy
July 20, 2011
co-located with CICM 2011
Continuous submission until July 10    (01)


With the release of the MathML 3 W3C recommendation, OpenMath enters a
new phase of its development. Topics we expect to see at the workshop
include    (03)

    * Feature Requests (Standard Enhancement Proposals) and Discussions
for OpenMath3
    * Convergence of OpenMath and MathML 3
    * Reasoning with OpenMath
    * Software using or processing OpenMath
    * New OpenMath Content Dictionaries    (04)

though others related to OpenMath are certainly welcomed. For examples
of contributions see the 22nd OpenMath Workshop of 2009
(http://staff.bath.ac.uk/masjhd/OM2009.html#contributions).    (05)

Contributions can be either full research papers, Standard Enhancement
Proposals, or a description of new Content Dictionaries, particularly
ones that are suggested for formal adoption by the OpenMath Society.    (06)

IMPORTANT DATES (all times are GMT)    (07)

OpenMath 2011 does not have a submission deadline. Submissions will be
accepted until July 10 and reviewed and notified continuously.    (08)


Submission is by e-mail to omws2011@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Papers must
conform to the Springer LNCS style, preferably using LaTeX2e and the
Springer llncs class files.    (010)

Submission categories:    (011)

    * Full paper: 4-12 LNCS pages
    * Short paper: 1-8 LNCS pages
    * CD description: 1-8 LNCS pages; a .zip or .tgz file of the CDs
should be attached.
    * Standard Enhancement Proposal: 1-12 LNCS pages (as appropriate
w.r.t. the background knowledge required); a .zip or .tgz file of any
related implementation (e.g. a Relax NG schema) should be attached.    (012)


Electronic proceedings will be published on the OpenMath web site in
time for the conference.    (014)


    * James Davenport (The University of Bath)
    * Michael Kohlhase (Jacobs University Bremen, Germany)
    * Christoph Lange (Jacobs University Bremen, Germany)    (016)

Comments/questions/inquiries: to be sent to omws2011@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx    (017)

Christoph Lange, Jacobs Univ. Bremen, http://kwarc.info/clange, Skype
Mathematical Wiki workshop at ITP 2011, August 27, Nijmegen, Netherlands
Submission deadline May 30, http://www.cs.ru.nl/mwitp/    (018)

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