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FYI.    (01)

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To: Discussion of ISO Common Logic Standard (ISO/IEC 24707)
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Subject: [CL] ISO initiative OntoIOp (Ontology interoperability)    (02)

Dear all,    (03)

we are currently involved in a new ISO standardisation initiative 
concerned with ontology interoperability.    (04)

This initiative is somehow orthogonal and complementary to Common Logic, 
because the topic is interoperability. This means interoperability both 
among ontologies (i.e. concering matching, alignment, and suitable means 
to write these down) as well as among ontology languages (e.g. OWL, UML, 
Common Logic, or F-logic, and translations among these). The idea is to 
have all these languages as part of a meta-standard, such that ontology 
designers can bring in their ontologies verbatim as they are, and yet 
relate them to other ontologies (e.g. check that an OWL version of some 
ontology is entailed by its first-order formulation).    (05)

The first official meeting for this is already mid next month in Seoul, 
and we now quickly have to move forward getting some countries into the 
boat. It will be essential to have experts from all relevant communities 
involved in this effort.
If you are interested in this initiative, the rough draft [1] for the 
standard and a related paper [2] will give you some more info. Please 
have a look and let me know what you think. We also look for people who 
want to officially take part in the development of the standard, either 
actively or just by voting on behalf of your national standardisation body.    (06)

All the best,
Till    (07)

[1] http://www.dfki.de/sks/till/papers/OntoIOp.pdf
[2] http://www.dfki.de/sks/till/papers/ontotrans.pdf    (08)

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