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This may be of tangential interest to ontologers (more so to those interested in the application of ontology to artificial intelligence research).

In the first article in this series, Monica Anderson criticizes purist (specifically logic based) approaches to AGI.

Problem Solved: Unfriendly AI
By: Monica Anderson

One criticism of this piece is that it only allocates a purist description of each approach (i.e. Cyc being a purist logical approach). Whereas efforts like IBM's Watson have demonstrated that multiple approaches are complementary and not exclusive (a point also argued persuasively by John Sowa in www.jfsowa.com/pubs/paradigm.pdf). Her piece, if read by department heads in universities or companies doing research in the field, might help in breaking barriers between disciplines, as it generally seems difficult to secure research for multi-disciplinary approaches (at least in academia). Though she unfortunately seems to argue for a whole-scale dismissal of logic based approaches, as opposed to a basket approach.

Reduction Considered Harmful
By: Monica Anderson

In part 2 of this series, she takes aim at the (pure?) "Reductionist" stance, and presents four flavours of "impossible-to-Model" systems. She argues for a definition of intelligence based on: “The ability to perform Epistemic Reduction” and briefly hints at her own approach (Artificial Intuition), but the piece is mainly a critique of Reductionism and doesn't explicitly present any concrete constructive alternatives. 

Anyhow, it's a somewhat provocative article if you're interested in the application of ontology to AGI. I must add that I don't really understand why anyone would think that a "pure reductionist" (as she defines it) approach suffices, though I guess there are people who might believe so. 


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