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> E01xb:
>> Any Economic model arrayed about an equals sign is inevitably
>> socialist. - design economist means and ends are unified in the tool.
> The quotation by TGD is from Barron's, which is a weekly news magazine
> produced by the Wall Street Journal.  It's hard to find anything that
> is closer to the capitalist heartland than the WSJ.
> John
John - Peter Drucker recognized the socialization of Capital three
decades ago. The war on free-market capital is at least a decade old*
and the housing market will follow the same path as the IPO market has
since the start of the century. This is the time in the business cycle
to get flat - don't need money you don't have already. I wish I had a
quote from Schumpeter but he's gone and I don't.    (01)

The wings, the politics are but storms, hot cold or wet and the
economists are but fish in the sea awash in tides, while the algebra
is geology. The tool is our anchor, and I think it is strung about our
necks these days.    (02)

*Forbes on one side and Fortune & Barrons on the other (must admit it
has been a while since I've bothered with Barrons, so they may have
changed - but I doubt it.) I like the Financial Times and the
Economist - well I liked the Economist a decade ago. now I have
Liferea and any one publication is essentially marginal to my
understanding of the world. I can remember when Barrons was for the
Bond specialists, Forbes was for the Brokerage houses and Fortune was
for the Commercial banks. That was back when the system wasn't broken,
before the network was scale-free.    (03)

Ed in 2011    (04)

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