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Patrick,    (01)

Yes, that is the work that logicians were doing in the 1920s and '30s:    (02)

> Presenting in a nutshell the results of our quick historical overview,
> we can say that around 1900 logic was conceived as a theory of
> sentences, set and relations; after World War I and as late as 1930 the
> exemplar for modern logic was a higher-order system, simple type theory;
> and only around 1940-1950 did the community of logicians as a whole come
> to agree that the paradigm logical system is FOL.    (03)

But that is what Peirce was doing between 1897 and 1909.  He published
much of it in 1906. but it was ignored by most logicians.  Among the few
who read his later writings were Clarence Irving Lewis and Arthur Prior,
both of whom made major contributions to modal logic and related topics.    (04)

For a brief summary of Peirce's work, see his tutorial of 1909 with my
commentary:    (05)

    http://www.jfsowa.com/peirce/ms514.htm    (06)

For a summary of Peirce's contributions to the 21st century, see    (07)

    http://www.jfsowa.com/pubs/csp21st.pdf    (08)

For another view of historical developments in logic:    (09)

    http://www.jfsowa.com/pubs/5qelogic.pdf    (010)

John    (011)

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