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[ontolog-forum] Fw: GPS coordinates in an ontology?

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Date: Mon, 25 Oct 2010 20:22:59 +0100
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 The problem is not just to record co-ordinates, but to do something with 
them. This means identifying services that can evaluate poistion functions, 
such as computing proximity, comparing regions, converting between 
co-ordinates and place names, or following through the hierarchy of 
administrative districts.    (01)

 Also, given that there are a large number of co-ordinate systems actually 
in use (often based on different shapes for the Earth), there
 will also be a requirement for services to convert between different 
co-ordinate systems.    (02)

 It may be worth considering separating out the concept of position from the 
representation of position, to allow for position to be represented using 
multiple co-ordinate systems or geographic regions.    (03)

 Sean Barker
Bristol, UK    (04)

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> On 10/25/2010 8:48 AM, Joshua Lieberman wrote:
>> Depending on the required precision, GPS coordinates may or may not be
>> something to enshrine in a static ontology, and a GPS point may or may
>> not be the appropriate geometric representation.
> I strongly agree.
> Every application is likely to need other domain-dependent
> representations, such as a street address.  And it is also likely to
> need various transformations, such as deriving speed down those roads
> and streets.
> All the units of measure are interrelated, and the ontology should
> include all of them.
> John
>    (05)

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