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Date: Fri, 1 Oct 2010 10:49:05 +0000 (GMT)
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It is amazing how such an intelligent lot is stuck with 2d representations of 
knowledge ignoring completely the content of the real nature of relations 
between the nodes represented while we may agree with Bierman who says:
There is no need to be impressed with the intelligence of any modern computer, 
no matter how large, with its blinking lights, complex displays, and many 
workers huddled over their terminals. The giant machine is doing nothing more 
than fetching instructions and executing them. It never has in the past, cannot 
now, and never in the future will be able to do more or less than this! (Alan 
W.     (01)

Bierman: Great Ideas in Computer Science, p 255)
And we maintain that the Aristotelean logic is the best world of all possible 
worlds     (02)

where time is excluded despite some other alternatives such as by  Miloš 
Arsenijević (University of     (03)

Belgrade) who gave a talk on Avoiding logical determinism and retaining the 
principle of bivalence within a     (04)

tense-modal logic system with this ABSTRACT
"Jan Lukasiewicz was the first logician in the history of modern logic who has 
become completely aware of the fact that Aristotle’s reasoning related to his 
famous future sea battle example does not undermine so much the principle of 
the     (05)

excluded middle but, in the first place, the principle of bivalence.. In order 
to avoid such a kind of determinism, later called logical determinism, 
Lukasiewicz introduced many-valued logic. So, in the trivalent system, a 
sentence can happen to be neither true nor false at a given time. It is so if, 
at that time, there is nothing in reality that makes it true or false. Its 
truth     (06)

value is indeterminate. I shall show how, by using the possible world semantics 
of contemporary modal     (07)

logic, it is possible to avoid logical determinism and, at the same time, 
retain     (08)

the principle of bivalence."    (09)

Regards,    (010)

Ferenc    (011)

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