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Re: [ontolog-forum] Semantic Enterprise Architecture - Interoperability?

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Date: Fri, 10 Sep 2010 23:25:22 +0100
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Dear David,    (01)

> I'm having great difficulty getting my noodle around this "one term =
> one meaning" concept.    (02)

The confusion arises from the different meanings of the word "term".    (03)

Some of you are using it as a synonym for "word or phrase", and some of you
are using it the formal sense in which it is used in logic.    (04)

For those of the "word or phrase" persuasion, how about "one concept one
meaning"? Would you expect a concept to have more than one meaning? That is
essentially the sense in which those versed in logic use the word "term". In
logic a term is just some string used as an identifier for some thing. It
does not do its job if it identifies more than one thing. Words and phrases
are not like that, and although "term" is often used with that meaning, it
is not the meaning that logicians use.    (05)

Regards    (06)

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