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[ontolog-forum] Logic evolving from language ... or not

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From: Phil Murray <pcmurray2000@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 05 Apr 2010 08:33:42 -0400
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John F. Sowa wrote:    (01)

> I am strongly in favor of using logic, and I emphasize the point
> that logic is an abstraction from language (ex. words like and,
> or, not, if-then, some, and every).  I also believe that diagrams,
> counting sticks, charts, and stones (i.e., 'calculi' in Latin)
> are extremely valuable as memory aids and reasoning aids.
It would be hard for me to prove, but I have the strong suspicion that 
basic logic
*precedes* language. Or perhaps they evolved in concert, with language being
the vehicle necessary to transfer vital information to a larger group of 
[more efficiently].    (02)

Offering another person a banana or an orange clearly requires no language
when that activity occurs in real time, with one in each hand.    (03)

Assembling the elements required to start a fire -- flints, flammable 
shavings, wood --
appears to be a moderately complex set of if-thens.    (04)

"Some" [similar] mushrooms are edible, but others are not.    (05)

"Every" large striped feline is a tiger ... and should be feared.    (06)

There are issues of interpretation here, of course. But I vote for logic
preceding language.    (07)

      Phil    (08)

--     (09)

Phil Murray
Chief Knowledge Architect
The Semantic Advantage
"Turning Information into Assets"
Blog: http://semanticadvantage.wordpress.com
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