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Re: [ontolog-forum] What does the "Semantic web" experience encompass?

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From: David Eddy <deddy@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 31 Mar 2010 13:31:41 -0400
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Duane -    (01)

On Mar 31, 2010, at 12:43 PM, Duane Nickull wrote:    (02)

I use keyword & tag as synonyms.    (03)

Although I see this assumption would be a little difficult to squeeze  
out of WordNet,
where keyword is spelled key word & not associated with tag.    (04)

> Watching how we collectively interact
> is more important than weighting keywords, tags etc.    (05)

One of the unaddressed issues with tags is that language moves over  
time.    (06)

e.g.  EAM > ADP > EDP > MIS > IT > IS  > ?Cloud Computing?    (07)

>> Are there tagging disambiguation mechanisms?  I certainly haven't  
>> found any &
>> I've been using tags for 20 years.
> DN: Tagging is never going to be 100% accurate.  Even if you agree  
> on a term
> and tag for a resource, in differing contexts it is not going to  
> work.  You
> may not find what I find "funny".    (08)

My personal progression with tagging...    (09)

In 1990 I started to use a Macintosh tool that offered tags (labeled  
keywords in their
lexicon) in this form:    (010)

{Keyname=Keyword}    (011)

example  {Industry=Consultancy}    (012)

There was a maximum of 11 Keynames (which was not a practical  
& unlimited Keywords as far as I can tell.    (013)

Given this product was built on the whimpy mid 1980s Mac platform,  
this tagging
approach was very robust.  I could easily find stuff that I'd  
forgotten for years.    (014)

BUT... over time I accumulated some 800 Keywords.  There was no  
mechanism other than my personal diligence, or lack thereof.    (015)

In 2006 I shifted to a product with a keyword/tagging mechanism  
that's about on
par with the 1985 (twenty years earlier) functionality.  It's better,  
but not hugely better.    (016)

With the new system I promptly stepped into this cow-pie... I put in  
a tag for
"SaaS" (software as a service) & began collecting companies with that  
Time passed & I  then put in a tag for "Cloud Computing" & began  
companies.    (017)

THEN... I happened to notice that I had BOTH "Cloud Computing" and  
when (at least in my context) these are synonyms.  [I have had an  
that Cloud & SaaS are in fact different... but not for my context.]    (018)

Again there is no mechanism to manage the collection of tags other  
than by
eyeball.  At least one obvious challenge is the "below the fold"  
issue... Cloud
Computing is at the top of a long list & SaaS is at the bottom.  Out- 
out-of-mind rules.    (019)

In an ideal situation there would be some sort of catalog librarian  
function in
place... when an allegedly "new" tag is presented the FIRST response is
to assume it's LIKE something I already have.    (020)

So... to date...    (021)

keywords/tags lack a disambiguation/multiple meanings mechanism    (022)

they also lack a redundancy control mechanism    (023)

David Eddy
deddy@xxxxxxxxxxxxx    (024)

781-455-0949    (025)

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