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Re: [ontolog-forum] What does the "Semantic web" experience encompass?

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From: Duane Nickull <dnickull@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 31 Mar 2010 09:43:06 -0700
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David  thank you.  Some comments inline:    (01)

On 3/31/10 8:49 AM, "David Eddy" <deddy@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:    (02)

>> To make this work, when a resource is added to the index, I would see that
>> the person tagging a resource with a label might be prompted to disambiguate
>> the label if the plurality of meanings is detected.
> Personally I am NOT in favor of relying on using an author to tag their own
> materials since they may be too busy, too burned out, not good tagger, etc.
> Granted the original author may be well motivated for personal fame & glory to
> tag six ways to Sunday simply to get the exposure.  Depending on the material,
> I suspect additional readers will need to have tagging rights.
DN: I wouldn't mind the author tagging it but don't believe for a second it
would be accurate for all users.  Google monitors how users interact with a
resource to determine it's meaning.  Watching how we collectively interact
is more important than weighting keywords, tags etc.
> The problem, of course, with tagging is that so far (please correct me if I've
> missed this) tags are applied without any documented, discernible context...
> assuming the next reader will have the same understanding of the term as the
> original tagger is something that I reject immediately.  Point being: what
> does "NO" mean?  Negative?  Index?  North?  Number?  Whence the
> disambiguation?
> Are there tagging disambiguation mechanisms?  I certainly haven't found any &
> I've been using tags for 20 years.
DN: Tagging is never going to be 100% accurate.  Even if you agree on a term
and tag for a resource, in differing contexts it is not going to work.  You
may not find what I find "funny".    (03)

> FACT: inside an organization (I don't care if that's a work group of 5 or
> multiple divisions with 100,000 people) there is heavy use of industry,
> corporate & local slang.  [See "foo" above... step away from your personal
> technical circle & I'd bet you'd find lots of people who'd be totally baffled
> by "foo."  I've always wondered if there's a connection to WWII's "fubar."]
> To drive that home... my little 2,000 term dictionary of admittedly short
> "words" (I make no distinction between a real word or an acronym, abbreviation
> or initialism) has some 68,000 meanings.
> Googling "vocabulary problem" produces an interesting academic study where the
> punch line is that you have AT BEST a 20% chance of guessing the word someone
> else used in a software interface.    (04)

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