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Corporations don't (yet) have *all* the rights the founding fathers meant for 

The Constitution stipulates three qualifications for membership in Congress: 
U.S. citizenship, residency in the state represented, and a minimum age. 
Representatives must be at least twenty‐five years old to take their oath of 
office, while senators must be thirty.

One would hope that the Courts would test the conformance with those 
qualifications before falling for a PR scoop!


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A.P. Herbert, in his "Misleading cases" had great fun interpreting legal
terms, so that a cow had to be accepted by a bank as a cheque (check for
the US) and a snail was a "wild and savage beast" - in the same category
as a lion.

Murray Hill, a candidate for the US Congress, is a Silver Spring public 
relations firm running on a platform of corporate civil rights.  For those who 
don't follow U.S. politics, the US Supreme Court recently ruled that corporate 
funding for political campaign broadcasts cannot be limited because of the US 
Constitution's guarantee of free speech.  When the decision was announced, 
many commentators immediately pointed out the far-reaching implications of this 
ruling. Clearly, Murray Hill considers the right to run for public office to be 
a natural next ste nbsp;web site states:  "...thanks to an enlightened 
Supreme Court, corporations now have all the rights the founding fathers meant 
for us. It was their dream to build the best democracy money can buy."

Yes there are intended meanings, but actually tying them down is very

Right.  So is Murray Hill entitled to run for Congress?  


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