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Date: Tue, 02 Mar 2010 13:01:21 -0500
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Ed,    (01)

Thanks for forwarding that note.  I agree that it's one of the
best organized presentations of an RDFS ontology.    (02)

It's almost as well organized as what Sister Miriam Joseph taught
to freshman at St. Mary's college in the 1930s.  Following is her
textbook, which I have often recommended as an introduction for
budding ontologists:    (03)

    Joseph, Sister Miriam (1937) _The Trivium: The Liberal Arts of
    Logic, Grammar, and Rhetoric_, Third edition 1948, reprinted
    by Paul Dry Books, 2002.    (04)

Of course, Sister Miriam was using full Aristotelian logic, so she
was using a superset of RDFS.  And of course, Aristotle was using
a controlled natural language, which is just as formal as RDFS,
but more readable.  Therefore, comments written in Aristotelian
notation could be automatically tested against the implementation.    (05)

If we're lucky, the W3C may someday catch up with Aristotle.    (06)

John    (07)

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