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Re: [ontolog-forum] [OT] Peter Yim fiasco [was - Re: Knowledge, Options

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From: Ron Wheeler <rwheeler@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 30 Jan 2010 12:25:16 -0500
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Paola Di Maio wrote:
> Peter, Matthew, Pavitra,
> and those who have emailed :-)
> Peter, you obviously like making me the center of your on list 
> frustrations,
> no worries, I am bold enough, and again sorry that discoursive posts, 
> and honest
> replies to thread, make you unconfortable
> Pavitra, and others, thanks for making Peter note that his moderation 
> style on this
> occasion is a tad hysterical (lets try to see the humourous side of it?)
> Mathew, you are right
> My behaviour on this forum is based on the assumption that this is an 
> open forum,
> and not Peter Yims personal space - if thats the case, many things are 
> explained
> (including the narrow stance on some threads) -
At least that is clear now to everyone.
> But please look at my posts, what exactly is it that I say to cause such
> an irrational escalade? I asked others (offlist) to tell me what 
> exactly did I say
> that warrants such vile attacks, and nobody came back with anything
> I do however exert my (human) right to freedom of speech and opinion
> on this list, as well as anywhere else
Not a right here. We all have to behave in a reasonable way to keep the 
forum useful.
We have to restrict our writing to relevant items
> It says this is an open community, etc etc, this changes everything!
> (i was wondering why the forum has had the same convener in all these 
> years... )
> On the other hand, look at how this escalated
> Peter picked some out of context portions of my post (from an 
> otherwise interesting thread)
> and pointed at them as inappropriate
That is what we asked him to do in order to instruct all of us - not 
just you - about how to stay focused.    (01)

> I, and others, have pointed out that yes, we need less noise, but picking
> out on one person/snippets may not be correct
Yes it is. There is no other way to instruct us. General complaints 
about the forum wandering is not as instructive as identification of 
specific transgressions
> peter leashed out on me on list (not offlist )
You are taking this too personally.
> I merely defend myself against personal attacks,
> Anway I am thoroughly bored with this now
> Peter, please do take your insults against me offlist would you?
You are taking this too personally.
> I will resist your onlist provocations from now on, but after I meet 
> my deadline
> a private duel is in order, your choice of weapons
You are taking this too personally.
>    (02)

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