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Re: [ontolog-forum] multidimensional surfaces

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Ferenc wrote:    (01)

> ...  
>  All relations are in fact inclusive of space and there are no relations
> exclusive of space.    (02)

Conceptual entities are often ontologized -- conceptual works, accounts,
obligations, etc.  I would not model these with a spatial extent or
location.  Relations among such conceptual entitites would seem to me to
be exclusive of space.    (03)

> If something is defined as being outside space and
> time, then it cannot be described in terms of finite objects existing in
> space and time.    (04)

I would consider integers and fractions as being outside of space and time,
yet well described in terms of finite objects existing in space and time.    (05)

> And if something in space has no extension (finite
> dimensions) then it cannot be located, therefore it is not included in
> space and time either. But the relations used in our definitons are
> usually originated in our spacetime concepts.    (06)

The relations often originate in spacetime concepts -- but relations also
exist among aspatial concepts: two conceptual works having the same author,
for example.    (07)

> ...
> Ferenc    (08)

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