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Thank you very much again for the clarification

I seem to have even more questions now.


The terms 'form' and 'content' are informal terms, which can be made precise only within a formalism of some kind.



What is formalism?

A language?

If you want to get into the details, we have to make the topic
specific by formulating it in a more detailed framework.  The most
general framework for such issues is Peirce's semiotic, but I'll
just present a brief summary:

The two terms 'form' and 'content' are the beginning of a triad.
Form is the first, which addresses only the pattern on the page
-- either linear or graphic. 



Why call a verbal string/cluster a linear pattern?

What is a triad?

A concept? An object?

What do you mean by beginning? A boundary in space or time?


It does not consider anything beyond what you see immediately in front of you.  Content is second, which addresses the relations between that pattern and whatever subject
matter it refers to. 

What is content?

A  part of a triad?

What does it mean “addresses”?

What realtions exist between a patternand subject matter?

What is subject matter?


The third is the purpose or the pragmatics of why you are making that statement and what goals you hope toachieve by means of it.

What is pragmatics? The purpose of making a statement? How do you formulate such an entity?



The simplest logical operator is the conjunction of two statements
p and q. 

What is a statement? A proposition?

What is a logical operator? An object? A relation? A property?



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