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Date: Thu, 10 Dec 2009 14:57:56 +0000 (GMT)
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It has been good to read that piece of explanation. That helps me synchronize thoughts this time again.
For me form and content come from Philosophy and as the first step of decomposing an object. As an object may be a concept, a concept as  form and content exposed to the world equals to its verbal identifier (the name of that concept whether one word or a cluster) associated (fused) with its properties listed against that form. You may have other connotations in your memory associated with that concept all marked with  a particular relation that is behind such a fusion.
Looking at a concept as a composite of extension and intension, clearly you may have examples that feature some or all of those properties covered by the concept associated with the list of particular incidences not revealed though. As soon as you expose any of those as an example, then that name (not the concept) will be the form with the relavant properties as content.
In this context form and contetn are interchangeable, by defining those properties you must be able to dentify the form, and by specifying the form, you must be able to retrieve the proeprties associated with the relation used.
Similarly Objects are composed of quality and quantity, where quality is the name (identifier, or form) of the object and quantity is one. This means that forms are the same as numbers (integers) with a quality of one and a quanity of one at the same time.
I hope that I have been clear enough.

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