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[ontolog-forum] ANN: GoodRelations Annotator 2.0 + New Webcast

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From: "Martin Hepp (UniBW)" <martin.hepp@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 13 Nov 2009 09:42:36 +0100
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Dear all:    (01)

We are happy to release a significantly improved version of the
GoodRelations Annotator, a tool that helps any business in the world to
create a rich description of its line of business, opening hours,
payment options, and the like in RDF.    (02)

The new version creates a handy RDFa snippet of the data. Now, it is
sufficient to copy and paste that snippet right before the closing
"body" elements of the main Web page. This will work for anybody who can
see and access a page's source code,i.e. even in Content Management
Systems or Wikis, etc.    (03)

To our knowledge, this is the easiest approach of creating rich business
descriptions for the Web of Linked Data.    (04)

Please check it out! And please spread the word to any site owner in
your address book:    (05)

       http://www.ebusiness-unibw.org/tools/goodrelations-annotator/    (06)

A step-by-step tutorial of 13 minutes complements the tool and is
available at    (07)

       http://vimeo.com/7583816    (08)

By the way, once you will have published respective meta-data, you can
check the improved appearance in future search engines immediately using the    (09)

       http://igoogr.appspot.com/    (010)

application.    (011)

Simply enter search terms that will bring up the respective page among
the top five hits in Google, and you will see the effect of
GoodRelations within seconds.    (012)

Best wishes    (013)

Martin Hepp    (014)

martin hepp
e-business & web science research group
universitaet der bundeswehr muenchen    (015)

e-mail:  hepp@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
phone:   +49-(0)89-6004-4217
fax:     +49-(0)89-6004-4620
www:     http://www.unibw.de/ebusiness/ (group)
            http://www.heppnetz.de/ (personal)
skype:   mfhepp
twitter: mfhepp    (016)

Check out GoodRelations for E-Commerce on the Web of Linked Data!
=================================================================    (017)

Project page:
http://purl.org/goodrelations/    (018)

Resources for developers:
http://www.ebusiness-unibw.org/wiki/GoodRelations    (019)

Overview - http://www.heppnetz.de/projects/goodrelations/webcast/
How-to   - http://vimeo.com/7583816    (020)

Recipe for Yahoo SearchMonkey:
http://www.ebusiness-unibw.org/wiki/GoodRelations_and_Yahoo_SearchMonkey    (021)

Talk at the Semantic Technology Conference 2009:
"Semantic Web-based E-Commerce: The GoodRelations Ontology"
http://www.slideshare.net/mhepp/semantic-webbased-ecommerce-the-goodrelations-ontology-1535287    (022)

Overview article on Semantic Universe:
http://www.semanticuniverse.com/articles-semantic-web-based-e-commerce-webmasters-get-ready.html    (023)

Tutorial materials:
ISWC 2009 Tutorial: The Web of Data for E-Commerce in Brief: A Hands-on
Introduction to the GoodRelations Ontology, RDFa, and Yahoo! SearchMonkey
http://www.ebusiness-unibw.org/wiki/Web_of_Data_for_E-Commerce_Tutorial_ISWC2009    (024)

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