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Rich Cooper


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Ronald Stamper wrote:

Dear Rich,


Anyone interested in information systems will find the semiotic approach valuable.  Our work is based on semiotics and a form of the metaphysical 'ontology' of presentism: only things in the present exist.  This compels one to account for all other things in terms of the signs (memory, files, databases, records and communications) that do exist in the present and stand for things elsewhere.  This imposes a severe discipline on one's analysis that brings our hidden uses of information to the surface.




Yes, John Sowa’s excellent tutorials on signs and subjectivity in logic are familiar reading to me.  What I meant was the concept of a sign as an EVENT rather than as a less complex, less structured blink in a sensor.  I still don’t think the interface between reality and logic is well established, at least, not yet for this subjective observer. 





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