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Re: [ontolog-forum] Past, Present, and Future of Ontology

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Dear Ian,



At the risk of dragging this thread out, could you please elaborate (in a few sentences) what your understanding of “Context” is ?


I think everyone’s agreed that context is essential,

[MW] Actually I don’t. I agree that context is used for what you cannot be bothered to make explicit, and the answer is simple – be bothered to make it explicit, then you have no need for context.




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but I think you have to agree with the others that “context” is a term with very many senses. It covers concepts ranging from simple whole-part predicates, through social construction to illocutionary force and deontic logic (don’t ask me what all those big words mean, I just hear Partridge say them a lot, and like so sound clever myself from time to time). Although you sometimes have to live with woolly, not-completely-analysed concepts in an ontology, I think “context” is way over in the woolly corner and needs some disambiguation, deconfliction and deconstruction (and probably some other words beginning with “d”) before it can live in anyone’s ontology.






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From: "Christopher Menzel" <cmenzel@xxxxxxxx>
>> #### I grant that you are a great scholar, John.
>> #### But can't you put aside your academic bias
> Be careful.  "academic bias" is a favorite epithet among cranks the 
> world over, who blame their lack of acceptance within the academic 
> community on prejudice (or envy, or the desire for power, or...) 
> rather than any shortcomings in their work.  I'm supposing you don't 
> want to be considered among their company.
>> #### long enough to consider whether I am right or not?
> It is *because* John is a scholar with a vast knowledge of the history 
> of AI and KR that it is so obvious to him why your work does not begin 
> to measure up to the standards of the field.  What *you* need to do is 
> set "put aside" the idea that you have single-handedly solved the most 
> vexing problems of AI and KR and follow John's advice: Do your homework.


I do not doubt John's knowledge.

The fact is, he never addresses my ideas.

He "cops out" by telling me to do my homework.

        If I do not do my homework,

        then my ideas are wrong.

This is an obvious non sequitur.

This is what I am calling "academic bias".

Dick McCullough

> Chris Menzel

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