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2) Later today, I will give you some additional propositions
    from the context of Fido isu dog; 
Some additional propositions are given below.
Dick McCullough
Let's back up one step.
For this example, I am the speaker, and my proposition is
    at view = myview { Fido isu dog; };     
I said previously that my context is the entire contents
of my brain.  However, I change my context according
to my reason/purpose.  That means that I transform my
list of propositions [which includes my concept hierarchy]
to adapt it to my current situation.
For this example, myview is:  I am teaching my
young daughter about the animals which she encounters
during her normal daily activities.  My concept hierarchy is:
at view = myview;
begin hierarchy animals;
/    entity;
//        ANIMAL;
///            person;
////                i:Dick;
////                i:Sheila;
///            animal;
////                cat;
////                dog;
/////                    i:Fido;
////                parrot;
//        PLANT;
//        OBJECT;
/    characteristic;
//        attribute;
///            carnivorous;
///            domesticated;
//        action;
///            bark;
///            meow;
/    proposition;
//        context;
//        sentence;
end hierarchy animals;
Remember that the above hierarchy is syntactic sugar
for a long list of propositions, including
    dog iss animal;
    Fido isu dog;
In addition to such extensional propositions, my context
includes many intensional propositions such as
    ANIMAL is entity with live, move;
    PLANT is entity with live, not move;
    OBJECT is entity with not live;
    animal is ANIMAL with not human;
    dog is animal with carnivorous, domesticated;
    dog do bark done;
    Fido do bark done;

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