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Hello all,
Just when we were talking about including "Classes" in OWL2 and other aggregates, templates  or grouping mechanism,  Facebook has just added "Groups" today.
From now on you can group the members on your facebook with a name like  Family, Friends, peers, bosses ( yeah if you are on the bottom of the totem-pole   just humor...  :)), or hum our me, ( people who make you laugh..) .. etc..
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> JFS>> I discuss some of these and other issues in the papers
> > included in the Guided Tour of Ontology:
> John
I just finished skimming through section 5. KR Ontology.
As mentioned in previous emails, the tabula rasa ontology
is a simpler representation of Peirce's basic properties.
This simplification extends throughout the concepts that
you have presented in section 5.  I will expand on this
theme in the near future.
Another issue closely related to mKR-to-IKL translation
is the get_prop( ) function.  As part of my current work
on simplifying the mKR grammar, I have implemented
this function, using the Unicon generator facility.
For any input stream, get_prop( ) returns the parse
of  the next syntactically-complete mKR proposition.
This function can be used to retrieve all the
propositions of a context.
Dick McCullough

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