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Date: Thu, 30 Apr 2009 07:04:33 -0700
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One other aspect of this simplication is worth mentioning.
The mKR 8.1 grammar includes the grammar for XML.
This is used for translating RDF/OWL to mKR.
I am removing the XML grammar, and will likely use the
Redland tools to translate RDF/OWL to triples before
translating to mKR.
This XML grammar is also used to do simple HTML
formatting of mKR files.  For versions 8.2 and beyond,
this capability is achieved by "hiding" the HTML
inside an mKR comment.  For example
# <html><xmp>
# KEHOME/kb/TabulaRasa.html
# Jul/2/2008 Apr/12/2009
 begin hierarchy tabula rasa;
   /    group;  # abstract entity
   /    entity; # physical entity
   /    characteristic;  # property
   //       attribute;
   //       part;
   //       relation;
   //       action;
   //       interaction;
   /    proposition;
   //       context;
   ///          at space=s, time=t, view=v;
   //       sentence;
   ///          subject verb object pplist;
 end hierarchy tabula rasa;
# </xmp></html>
Dick McCullough
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Sent: Tuesday, April 28, 2009 5:52 PM
Subject: mKR/mKE 8.2 simplified grammar

I changed the version number to 8.2, to signal the beginning
of a gradual process of simplifying the mKR grammar.
    I am weeding out the remnants of discarded ideas
    from the past 13 years.
    I am making the grammar closer to that of the UNIX shell,
    with its blank word separators and quoting conventions,
    and keywords which are only significant at the beginning
    of a proposition.
    I may even replace my custom lexer and parser with
    their flex and bison equivalents.
    If there's anything in the mKR grammar that you don't
    like, this is your best opportunity to get it changed --
    please tell me your ideas.
Dick McCullough

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