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Date: Sun, 5 Apr 2009 18:46:38 +0100
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an earlier excerpt from a previous post is going around my head (sunday blues)

The puzzle is why you don't grasp the fact that the writer is
obviously arguing against the idea of a single ontology.

At the cost of getting scolded,  this discussion is far from exhausted.
I had this conversation with Fabio Ciravegna  after a keynote speech, where he talks intesively of the  small ontology world (federated, distributed, networked ontology). Point taken. Agreed,
But how, I asked , how are we going to get all these little ontologies to work with one another and possibly synchronise? Dont we need a kind of 'meta ontological framework'?    yes, said Fabio, everyone who is delivered an ontology needs a framework for it to be casted in and to align other ontologies with. And who is doing such work? Nobody that anybody knows of.

Having read relevant portions of Azamat's work, I think what he calls unified ontology, and therefore raises eyebrow and argument like the ones we have had on thi list, and the one above, is a meta ontological framework (not an ontlogy metamodel like the OMG, but in the same direction). A system to align and support the synchronization of different part-ontologies

I have no doubt that this kind of work is needed, although I think maybe it does not always come across cleary what is it exactly, what purpose, what benefits

I think avoiding to deliver on a unified framework, means that

1. the (domain, application, task) ontologies alone will never be able to be integrated seamslessy and dynamically aligned  with other ontologies and its overall information environments

2. the gaps created by such built in systemic ontological misalignment will be very expensive to fix, and the 'need for more research' cycle will be self perpetrating (and oh yes, a consortium of top universities will deliver that..)

I encourage  or anyone who intends to bring a novel perspective (and is trying to get funded) to
make sure that their proposed ideas are demonstrable and directly aimed at  fill existing gaps.

Now burn me.


Paola Di Maio,
IEEE/DEST 09 Collective Intelligence Track (deadline extended)

i-Semantics 2009, 2 - 4 September 2009, Graz, Austria. www.i-semantics.tugraz.at

SEMAPRO 2009, Malta
Mae Fah Luang Child Protection Project, Chiang Rai Thailand

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