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[ontolog-forum] Comments solicited -- ISO/IEC CD2 11179-3 and ISO/IEC 19

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Two ISO/IEC standards that are relevant to OOR are out for ballot. I have volunteered to consolidate comments for submission to the US National Body (INCITS L8) for consideration.


A copy of Committee Draft 2 of ISO/IEC 11179 Part 3 is available at:


For .doc - http://www.jtc1sc32.org/doc/N1851-1900/32N1851B-ballot_for_CD2_11179-3.doc

For .pdf - http://www.jtc1sc32.org/doc/N1851-1900/32N1851Ta-text_for_ballot-CD2_11179-3.pdf



Another standard that is relevant to OOR is ISO/IEC 19763. I will also consolidate comments for 19763 Part 3.


The 19763 Part 3 documents is at:





Some of you may belong to groups that have formal liaison with ISO/IEC SC 32 (or /WG 2) and could submit comments directly through formal liaison channels. Others may want to send comments to me for consolidation and forwarding to L8. If you know of others who are interested in reviewing and commenting on the documents, please let me know.


Note that this informal collection of comments is distinct from the establishment of a US National Body position and comments. That will be done in a meeting and/or ballot of L8 members. Any input that I receive will be input to the formal L8 discussion.


Attached to this message are templates for the comments, based on the ISO comment template. This should help to collect the essential information. Most important is to specify where in the document a comment refers to, then state the problem and a suggested solution.


I need any comments that you may have by the end of April, 2009.


Thanks for your interest.




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