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Date: Fri, 3 Apr 2009 14:44:25 -0700
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1. Yes, myView is a list in the programming-language sense.
2. The list shown below contains mostly genus-differentia definitions
which specify the species-genus relations which are shown in
    begin hierarchy tabula rasa; ...; end hierarchy tabula rasa;
as well as the intensive properties of the concepts.
It also contains propositions which specify important relations
between the concepts.  For example
    proposition := man do identify od existent with purpose done;
may be translated into English as
    A proposition is the result of a man identifying existents
    for some purpose.
More specifically, to identify means to measure the characteristics
of the existents.
Dick McCullough
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On Apr 2, 2009, at 4:16 PM, Richard H. McCullough wrote:

As a prelude to translating mKR to IKL,
this email describes the meaning of myView in mKR.
myView names a list of propositions.

Do you mean, a particular single list of propositions, or do you mean 'list' as in the programming-language sense, as a datastructure which can change with time? If the latter (as I suspect), you will need to make the dynamic or state-dependent nature of this list explicit in IKL.

The starting list comes from my epistemology,
as defined in the tabula rasa hierarchy.
The meaning of
    at view = tabula rasa;
is shown below [without the details of formats].

None of the following makes the slightest sense to me, I'm afraid. 


proposition := man do identify od existent with purpose done;
existent has characteristic;
man is entity with consciousness;
identify iss action;
purpose iss attribute;
entity is existent with space, time;
group is existent with not space, not time;
characteristic iss existent;
proposition iss existent;
proposition haspart context, sentence;
context haspart space, time, view;
attribute is characteristic with not space, not time, single-existent, not separable;
part is characteristic with not space, not time, single-existent, separable;
action is characteristic with space, time, single-existent;
interaction is characteristic with space, time, multiple-existent;
relation is characteristic with not space, not time, multiple-existent;
Dick McCullough

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